Back-to-back Nature Communications publications for SIDB researchers

Our Simons Institute for the Developing Brain researchers have published back-to-back papers in Nature Communications with studies investigating the developmental basis of sensory hypersenstivities in Fragile X Syndrome.


SIDB Annual Research Retreat 2019

The SIDB recently held it's Annual Research Retreat. This included a two-day programme of presentations, discussion and interactive dialogue, which took place from 12-13 September 2019 in Edinburgh.

Retreat 2019
M. Cousin

Researcher in Spotlight – Mike Cousin

A. Bird

Researcher in Spotlight – Adrian Bird

S. Cobb

Researcher in Spotlight – Stuart Cobb

P. Kind

Statin may be used to treat Fragile X Syndrome


First SYNGAP1 UK Family Meet Up

Professor Peter Kind (third from left) and Professor Adrian Bird (far right) join members of the SIDB Internal and External Advisory Board (from left to right: Martin Raff, Ann Schaeffer, Yukiko Goda, Matt Nolan and Jen Darnell).

SIDB Annual Research Retreat – September 2018

SIDB Meeting

SIDB Launch Meeting – August 2017